Speaking Experience

Andromeda has been teaching and speaking about various subjects revolving around the Internet, Social Media and Human Rights for 10+ years.

She has worked one-on-one with executives and artists.

She has taught small groups of 5.

She has spoken to crowds of hundreds.

Her favorite moments are actually when the questions are asked, when the participants are curious enough to want to interact.

Previous speaking engagements have included, Kiwanis Clubs, Internet Search Engine Forums, presentations to boy scouts, classrooms and special clubs.




Andromeda was inspirational and key to my transition from assisting with the development of the business model to becoming the communications manager at Mota. By teaching me about SEO, Social Media and a new way of networking, we managed to create successful content and a brand position online as automotive experts in less than 6 months. Her knowledge of online marketing is immense and she is curious and a self started who is constantly pursuing self education to keep her expertise and talent current in a fast paced field.

Michelle Naranjo

When they said that we'd be learning things that even the 20-year-olds in-the-business geeks don't know/understand, they weren't kidding. I find myself clearing out whole decades of shadows and cobwebs with Andromeda clearing up just one basic for the group! And we've all got these (not a generality, a fact by my observation of all attendees to date!)

Speaking of Andromeda, I absolutely LOVE her approach --
she is a very experienced speaker, knowledgeable, very pleasant and she keeps the seminar running as smooth as glass -- concepts are cleared, numerous real-life examples are given for key principles, high communication is abundant and there is a beautiful rapport between speaker and attendees that is very comfortable.

Dee Barber

Andromeda rocks when it comes to Internet publishing. If you need help in that area, get with her right away!

Bruce Wiseman



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