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The year of Andromeda’s birth is both a blessing and a curse in regard to the development of the Internet. There was a computer at her house but she didn’t use it much at that early age. At age 17 (in the late 90s) she joined a group building websites for non-profits (while majoring in theatre arts) and has ended up working on Internet related activities ever since.

She speaks about Marketing, the Internet and Social Media, from her unique perspective of over 20 years working during the development of Internet marketing as it became a subject and loves to make the tools more useful to everyone.

The artist in her comes to the surface often and she admits that helping artists with their Internet presence makes her VERY happy.


Speaking Specialties:


Safety and Social Media

Andromeda has been working in the area of Human Rights Education for several years.

The alarming rate in which social media is used to find our vulnerabilitiese and take advantage of these is appalling.

Andromeda’s passion for educating and strengthening everyone to reduce the dangers of sexual trafficked victims is important for humanity.

If you are running a free event on education let us know as fees for speaking may be reduced or removed.

She is also the founder of the Coalition for Human Rights Education.

Finishing Your Book

To be an Author - one of the greatest dreams of so many.

Many of them seem to get bogged down in how to finish the book they are trying to get done.

As an editor for 10+ years, having coached authors to completion of their book, Andromeda can deliver a Seminar or Keynote on how to get that book done.

Simple steps, with each person leaving with a path they can follow.

Internet and Social Media Basics

Andromeda was thrown into building websites at age 17 in the late 90s with no knowledge or experience and having to teach herself along the way. 

Still going strong in the 2010s she has seen it all and has had to understand how it works at the basic level to be able to keep up.

She loves to teach others how to be able to use the Internet and all the fun stuff that can be done from here on out. 

Social Media can be understood, no matter what your current level of understanding.

Social Media for Artists

All artists, of every discipline, need to be on the Internet. It is the communication line of the world.

Can art be sold online, is there a group out there that is looking for the art made, where and how do you find them, what to do to make it grow?

The answer yes you can, yes there is, they can be found, and Andromeda has helped numerous artists grow with social media for years.

Her interactive speaking presentations  make this subject simple and easy to apply.

She is also the Founder of Independent Words http://www.independentwords.com/


Rates are negotiable depending on size of venue, number of attendees and time requested.

Keynote speaker:

$2,500 to $5,000 depending on venue

(travel expenses not included)

One-on-one training:


(packages of  blocks of  hours, paid in advance, are available)

Something in-between:

Let us know and we can work it out.

Non-profit event with no charge to attendees:

Rate may be waived, contact us with more information.


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